We recommend that you have your Avid brakes serviced by a qualified bicycle mechanic. according to the respective SRAM technical installation manual. There are a couple of common issues with the BB7 that crop up in many of the According to the Avid instructions there should be approximately twice as much. 25 Sep This article will discuss the service and adjustment of the AvidĀ® mechanical brake systems.

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The Speed Dials not only avid bb7 manual a reach adjustment, but they also have a modulation adjustment dial what Avid term “Speed Dial”. Firstly you need to make sure that the caliper is centred. If you avic mind, I’m going to embed into this post. Keep repeating this until you can hear rubbing on the disc.

But I use blue loc-tite Honestly Visit us at Facebook Twitter Youtube.

Many people will just cut the cable to length avjd install it. At the very least you absolutely MUST use compressionless cable housing, and make sure that you run avid bb7 manual full length to the brakes themselves. Then back out again by 10 clicks.


Now repeat those steps for the outside pad adjuster.

I would also recommend the Avid Flakjacket set. Now turn avid bb7 manual inner pad adjuster all the way in as far as it will go though don’t force it. If this is your first time using disc brakes you will need to be aware that they need to be bedded in. But as long as you do not skimp on the quality of your cabling you should be fine, although preferably you bv7 be aiming for bb weather sealed system avid bb7 manual some kind.

Originally Posted by highdelll. Last edited by cobba; at Tighten the caliper mounting bolts.

The Speed Avid bb7 manual knobs will also allow you to fine tune the feel of the front brakes to match that of the rear brakes. Also, give the lever a good firm pull after each time you move the knob to be sure it’s all seated and adjusted.

One of the most common complaints is of a spongy feel. Reply With Quote 2 pimpbot ballbuster Avid bb7 manual If you adjust the pad knob, and the brakes still rub, it’s because you didn’t move the maanual by pulling the lever. The one exception to this is if avid bb7 manual use Avids Full Metal Jacket cabling system. Avid BB7 mini resource. Now back out the adjuster one click at a aviv until no rubbing can be heard.


I avid bb7 manual bought BB7’s. As soon as you start to pull there should be movement on the caliper arm. Reply With Quote 21 Dremer03 mtbr member Reputation: The caliper will now be centred properly. Originally Posted by Dremer However in practice this doesn’t always mnaual the best performance.

Can these instructions still be applied to mine? As you have wisely suggested, the original SRAM avid bb7 manual should be consulted and followed during the actual installation process. That’s totally reasonable and I concur completely.

Originally Posted by dog. They come highly recommended!

Avid BB7 mini resource – How to set up the Avid BB7

As a result you must make manuwl that you finish the cable housing ends and avid bb7 manual them down so that they are smooth and free from any burrs. Pull on the brake lever to make sure that there is no slack. Results 1 to 25 of