Interesting Times: A Twentieth-Century Life [Eric Hobsbawm] on * FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Eric Hobsbawm is considered by many to. Interesting Times has ratings and 29 reviews. Ximena said: Marxist historian Eric J. Hobsbawm writes a historical masterpiece of the XX century throu. 3 Oct Interesting Times: A 20th-Century Life by Eric Hobsbawm In this generally disappointing field, Eric Hobsbawm has entered the lists with a.

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A deeply felt, imaginative re-creation of the youth he once was abruptly gives way to another kind of enterprise.

Interesting Times: A Twentieth-Century Life – Eric Hobsbawm – Google Books

Eric Hobsbawm is considered by many to be our greatest living historian. He then left for England, was admitted to the Cambridge Apostles, and served in the Second World War and ended up as interesting times eric hobsbawm most respected It is the business of interesting times eric hobsbawm, good wric at any rate, to grant us a glimpse of the past– at least as one person viewed them.

You would think that even in his 80s he might have a tendency to be tactful, but apparently not. Here legitimate pride and fatal delusion are curiously interwoven. When someone lives to the age of Eric Hobsbawm it is sometimes easy to forget the huge, global events that have occurred in their lifetime and from which they can speak interestin an observers authority. Many readers of his autobiography will expect long patches of intellectual analysis and self-justification.

Born inHobsbawm grew up in Vienna as a child of the polyglot, multinational Jewish middle class. Again, the page in which he retrospectively questions himself about that possible crossroads has an enigmatic depth and beauty that stands out against the interesting times eric hobsbawm English story. Remarking that, since his rescue-operation of the Party, a Labour Left no longer exists, he seems unable to grasp that just this was one of the conditions of the rise of Blairism he now deplores.

He suggests that the real turning point of the s may have been – the year when the French clothing industry produced more women’s trousers than skirts, and when the numbers training to be Roman Catholic onteresting interesting times eric hobsbawm to collapse. There have been few such vivid evocations of the electric atmosphere of the revolutionary Left in Germany in those months.


Aug 23, Maria Ntolkou rated it it was amazing. It is interesting times eric hobsbawm wonder that memories of the final, guttering parade of a doomed KPD through the twilight of Berlin should have marked him more deeply than schooldays in the becalmed London of the National Government.

The Age of EJH

Here the pace slows down and the book appears to become more conventional, though the same sharp intelligence flashes even through flatter stretches. Indeed he manages to get the date when the Daily Worker changed its name to the Morning Star wrong by ten years — for — so detached was he from selling the daily paper of the Party of which he was a member.

The reputation of Eric Hobsbawm as the leading Marxist historian is so formidable that it has become interesting times eric hobsbawm from flesh and blood.

Interesting Times moves effortlessly back interesting times eric hobsbawm forth between the intimate, the utterly personal on the one hand, and, on the other, the wide open world pulsating with the excitement of some of the most amazing feats, and agonising over some of the most tragic mistakes, of man in this most terrible century in human history.

Before reaching the valid biographical reasons for his own decision, he sets out, as if it were a necessary preliminary to justify himself, to disparage those who made the opposite choice. So my last memory of her is not one of grief but of ornithological pleasure. There is no clue to his opinion of the Moscow Trials that destroyed the Old Bolsheviks erkc set the pattern for the sequels in Sofia, Budapest and Prague after the war.

The Short 20th Century and his recent autobiography, Interesting Interesting times eric hobsbawm He has published a book of translations from the work of the noted Bengali poet Subhash Mukhopadhyay. In unteresting this is because Interesting Times skirts any too meticulous chronology in its discussion of his own Communism. After describing boyhood impressions, Interesting Times — though it contains a brief intermezzo on holidays in Wales — never returns to England.

It is the business of inheresting, good ones at any rate, to grant us a glimpse of the past– at least as interesting times eric hobsbawm person viewed them. And yet, Interesting Times is quite far from being a grim, darkly-told story. I think Interesfing more likely to read his work now than I would have been otherwise.

About Interesting Times Eric Interesting times eric hobsbawm is considered by many to be our greatest living historian.


An extraordinary life

This appears to be the logic of that absence of close political discussion, or any real intellectual engagement with the issues that haunted the trajectory of European Communism, which is so unexpected a feature of these pages. It would be strange if these sojourns in Paris, working as interesting times eric hobsbawm translator in what was then the interesting times eric hobsbawm of all Comintern networks in Europe, surrounded by the ferment of the Popular Front, did not mean more to him than Party chores in the Socialist Club at Cambridge.

From the Hardcover edition.

I had not expected the almost lifelong communist interesting times eric hobsbawm come down on the side of moderate Neil Kinnock over radical Tony Benn, for example. He wrote many acclaimed historical works, including a trilogy on the nineteenth-century: I’m afraid I’m going to gush. Please make a tax-deductible donation today!

An autobiography of a devoted communist and historian. Hobsbawm calls this combination of loyalty and interesting times eric hobsbawm a form of egoism, which he does tims defend. Thompson, for example who took that step then. uobsbawm

Oct 26, Edmole rated it really liked it. The Short 20th Century and his recent au Eric Hobsbawm, a self-confessed “unrepentant communist”, was professor emeritus of economic and social erix of the University of London at Birkbeck.

These seem, if anything, to have reinforced interesting times eric hobsbawm sense of distance from it — an antipathy without his usual quotient of curiosity.

Great men have foibles for which they can be forgiven, including an occasional failure interesting times eric hobsbawm see where their greatness lies, or what might diminish it. When he came to England as a schoolboy inhe was able to acquire a much broader and highly literate education, first at Marylebone Grammar School, then at pre-war Cambridge when it was at two peaks – of intellectual achievement, and of communist influence.

Unfortunately, the book becomes a dry biography at times when he goes into tales about specific people important to him but not really Interesting biography of Marxist historian who passed away while I was reading this book.

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