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Lots of folk have recommended that I take a look at Langan’s work, so — although I can’t really be described as a regular reader of horror — I eventually decided to follow their advice. Audrey’s mother suffered from a bipolar disorder df the events surrounding Audrey’s early years in life are quite disturbing. And what a slew of horrofic images, especially towards the end. Audrey Lucas, suffering from Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder and decidedly frayed round her mental edges as consequence of her hellish childhood and young adulthood because of a seriously mad mother, is nonetheless a potentially brilliant architect.

Audrey’s Door

When the characters do talk about things, there is usually some kind of exclamation at the end to make sure the reader gets the point. View all 6 comments. Despite the low rent in the upscale Morning Heights neighborhood, something seems to scare away all prospective tenants.

The story unfolds nicely and the pace keeps up; for the most part. We are unable lagnan find iTunes on your computer. Even Audrey’s boyfriend Saraub and his mother are treated as fully-fleshed characters and not mere tools to move the plot along. The horror came from watching Audrey and Saraub make a mess of their lives, build it back up, and then wreck it all to shit again.

However, if you’ve read the book or don’t care about spoilers, comments and discussion are most welcome. The ending therefore felt strangely tacked on to me. I am anxious for the release. Feb 09, Nick rated it liked it Shelves: However, after the initial dislike, I found audrye lot to like. Dr is a catch of course, the apartment was constructed by evil and evil needs a doorway to escape and destroy the world. Sep 28, Justin rated it liked it Shelves: AS far as haunted house novels go, I just can’t recommend it.

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They puefta chaotic naturalism, a religion that worships all things wrong in the world.

Audrey’s Door by Sarah Langan

Given the fact that her life had been so traumatic, this was shocking to me. There were times when I wasn’t sure if they were intentional or not to make newspaper articles or websites seem authentic, or to indicate Audrey’s increasing psychological strain? I like this author and this was another good story but dear lord did it move slow. Like somebody broke you, and you saray trying to put yourself back together, only you do it wrong.

A thirty-something single professional, Audrey is haunted by her tragic past. Thanks for telling us about the problem. There is evil in this apartment that speaks to her in ppuerta dreams, begging her to build a door.

Bram Stoker award winner for outstanding short story in – The Lost. Plus, the story was full of excitement and suspense. Description El elegante edificio del Breviary, construido en el Upper West Side, es un pedazo de la historia, pero a pesar del bajo precio del alquiler del apartamento 14B, la tragedia ocurrida szrah su interior ha ahuyentado a todos los posibles inquilinos?

Which of course, Ms.

The Breviary latched on to Audrey’s insecurities like a leech when she moved in, forcing her to act as its conduit. And what wants to come through it? She didn’t hit it quite out of the park like she did with the first two; Audrey’s Door has some issues, but it’s still a good solid read.

You can find more reviews like this at You’re Killing. Though it is beginning to show its age and falling apart, Audrey is fascinated by the old structure, and so she takes the apartment even though her instincts tell her something is very, very wrong.

All right guys, woo! I also really enjoyed the unpredictability of this book. Overwhelmed by even the smallest and clearest of changes and life decisions Audrey came to New York to make a new life for herself. You will never look at a pianist the same way again. The next was whether or not the smoke alarms in my building would go off if I did to this book what I really wanted to.

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Her mother’s instability naturally left Audrey with many questions regarding her own sanity. Slowly Audrey begins losing touch with reality and wakes feeling battered and bruised.

Something in it is very aware of Audrey, and it insists that she build it a door of mysterious purpose. Later in the book, she’s fairly justified in her whining-we find out that her mom is pretty crazy, she grew up almost homeless, traveling, starving, etc. Familial dysfunction, mental illness, dissolving relationships oh, and an incredibly creepy, old Manhattan apartment building featuring architecture that would feel right at home in the nightmares of, say, M.

All that being said, I will admit, there were times I drifted into boredom. Nor is it above driving her mad to get her to do it, and threatening the tenuous life she’s established for herself. A good stretch of that I found to just be depressing rather than creepy, because of the seemingly unending litany of ways in which poor Audrey’s life and mind were screwed up. Despite the uneveness, Langan can write, and her characterization is sharp.

The story is not just about a haunted house but about how we are also are own architects. Maybe they don’t teach that there at Columbia. How can you mess that up?

She begins to g This is my sara attempt at a novel by Sarah Langan. To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up.